White Paper: Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

This white paper on AI & ML is based on contributions from FutureAnalytica resources that research, implement and validate how Predictive Analytics impacts the Future of Healthcare.

Predictive analytics is often connected with Data Science and Big Data. In today’s world Organizations or companies have to deal with enormous data which are received across different sources like images, video, sensors, transactional databases, equipment log files, and other data sources.

To get meaningful insights from this data, the statistical techniques in Predictive Analytics are used including Data Modelling, Machine Learning (ML) Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning algorithms, and Data Mining. Predictive Analytics can be applied to the past, present, or future. Predictive analytics tools are sophisticated enough to provide meaningful insights for better decision-making. There are different kinds of models –

  • Predictive Models
  • Descriptive Models and
  • Decision Models

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