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banking and finance

AI Solutions for Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance sector

The three main channels where banks can use artificial intelligence to save on costs are front office (conversational banking), middle office (anti-fraud) and back office (underwriting).

What We Offer


Advance Financial Monitoring

Monitor financial transaction on real time powered with state-of-art algorithms designed by top data scientists to detect hidden patterns to identify complex fraud.


Collection Analytics

Banks can move to a deeper, more nuanced understanding of their at-risk customers. With this more complex picture, customers can be classified into microsegments and more targeted—and effective—interventions can be designed for them.


Customer Segmentation

By dividing a customer base into specific groups, institutions can use predictive analytics to make forward-looking decisions to tailor content to unique audiences.


Credit Risk Model

Determine the creditworthiness of clients by analyzing data from a wide range of traditional and non-traditional data sources. This helps lenders develop innovative lending systems backed by a robust credit scoring model, even for those individuals or entities with limited credit history.


Customer Acquisition

Optimize different prices for its products and services through different channels to increase revenue and better customer royalty.


Retention, Cross-selling & Upselling

Drive optimal strategies for customer retention and win back. Manage campaign output for cross-selling and upselling.

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