AI Forecasting

Perform predictions based on historical time stamped data.

ai forecasting

Time Series Forecast

Analyzing time series data using statistics and modeling to make predictions and inform strategic decision-making.

What We Offer


Predictive Planning

Compare the statistical predictions from Predictive Planning against your forecast.


Retail Forecasting

Forecasting the depletion level of stocks in stores, capacity planning, and inventory planning.


Price Optimization

Optimize price, discount,and clear inventory based on predicting consumer demand to optimize profit.


Workforce Optimization

Person tweets that they are interested in a certain product or service, text analytics can discover this & feed this info to a sales rep who can then pursue this prospect and convert them into a customer.


Public Sector

Drive optimal strategies in planning, increase inventory productivity in supply chains, decrease operational costs.



Determining the expectations of future results, usually applied in budgeting, capital budgeting and/or valuation.

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