Data Engineering

Engineer your data using our end-to-end no-code AI platform.

data engineering


Robust Data engineering

Automate the most complex, time-consuming and repetitive tasks

Perform ETL, data transformation, and missing value treatment automatically with FutureAnalytica automated data engineering applications. Machine learning needs data in the right format to build AI models. With FutureAnalytica automated data engineering applications one can combine data files without writing any code on the platform and generate the right data required to build AI models.


Auto feature engineering

Generate rich data features in 1/10 of time and effort compared to normal processing

Feature engineering is the toughest and most time-consuming activity. This is where the machine learns the patterns which are easily not available for the machine to learn. Even deep learning can’t do much if data is tabular. With FutureAnalytica automated feature engineering application, end-user can generate rich features in no time. Thanks to the custom feature engine, features are generated without writing a single piece of code all in one shot. 


Data Enrichment

Enrich your data with semi-supervised learning algorithms to train data using AI

Not every time your data would be sufficient to develop the right AI models. With FutureAnalytica data enrichment applications end-user can enrich data to build high-end AI models and also unearth deep data insights by leveraging data from different sources. 


Data Management

Manage your end-to-end data with simple flows to test, re-use and replicate in productions 

Data management is a tedious task for IT. With FutureAnalytica data management apps, end-user can manage data from different sources and integrate it into the platform for seamless collaboration and building new AI models. 

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