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Identified $300M in pharmacovigilance in only 30 days.

Discovered $180M in prior authorization abuse within just 40 days.

Decreased the patient fall risk by 38%.

Drove #1 across the nation in quality.

Reduced the care worker turnover by double digits.

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Improve safety

Enhance clinical research time

Increase care worker retention

Enhance patient quality

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FutureAnalytica has you covered. 

With the right AI, discover the True Performance Indicators (TPI) that solve your problems, enabling you to take proactive steps, rather than reactive. Our patient acquisition solution uses TPIs to understand personalized patient behaviors and has been proven to double the conversion, find new markets, and highlight your strengths. We also provide solutions to enhance safety and quality care, using TPIs to take patient outcomes to a new level.

Our TPIs provide the missing link to a complete revenue cycle so you can improve from any stage and deliver complete cost transparency. 

Harness the real power of AI with the world's first & only, truly unified fully integrated AutoML platform.

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