An end-to-end no-code AI platform to maximize the Healthcare industry's output.


AI Solutions for

Optimize patient care, accelerate research in disease prevention and treatment, accurately forecast staffing and operational needs, while optimizing payer operations — all of which save lives and improve the quality of care for all patients, regardless of socioeconomic status.

What We Offer


Knowledge Engineering

AI can seek, collect, store and standardize medical data regardless of the format, assisting repetitive tasks and supporting clinicians with fast, accurate, tailored treatment plans and medicine for their patients instead of being buried under the weight of searching, identifying, collecting and transcribing the solutions they need from piles of paper formatted EHRs.


Predictive Healthcare

NLP and ML can read the entire medical history of a patient in real time, and connect it with symptoms, chronic affections or an illness that affects other members of the family.


Patient Demand

Forecast patient demand to ensure proper care for all patients with AI in healthcare.


Staffing & Operations

Using past data to predict future staffing needs. Additionally, organizations can use survey, benchmarking and modeling techniques to estimate workforce staffing numbers.


Claims Management

Identify potential billing anomalies and detect fraudulent claims, predict fraud, claim fraud detection and improper payments.


Attrition Management

Uncover issues that drive both dissatisfaction and churn With AI powered Preemptive client engagement. Firms can identify clients at high risk of attrition by learning from examples of clients that have closed or moved accounts in the past.

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