White Paper: AI Solutions and Data Science Support for Telecom Customer Churn

This white paper on AI & ML is based on contributions from FutureAnalytica resources that research, implement and validate how Customer churn can be detected and prevented.

Telecom companies are working hard to survive in this highly competitive market, depending on multiple strategies. Three key strategies are proposed to generate more sales:

  • Acquire new customers,
  • Upsell existing customers, and
  • Improve customer retention.

Predicting customers who may leave the company, on the other hand, represents a potentially large additional source of revenue if done early on. Many studies have confirmed that machine learning technology is very efficient in predicting this situation. This technique is applied by learning from previous data.

How can you predict customer churn?

Once you have a sufficient dataset of churn customers, you will be able to understand who churns and why. Based on this, you can predict which customer will cancel next.

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